sharing a hammock

The relationship my dogs have with my cat baffles me. When I first adopted Xyla (in December of last year) she and the dogs were not exactly on the best of terms. She was cautious around them, and they were INCREDIBLY excited and curious about her. It resulted in a lot of hissing, fleeing, and growling. The first few weeks/months were spent keeping a very very very watchful eye on the 3 of them, and making sure that Xyla always had a quiet, safe place to retreat to.

And then I moved into my current home– a basement suite with a large backyard.. and at that point, something really clicked into place. Suddenly, in the new surroundings, the dogs were completely relaxed about the cat, and the cat was completely relaxed about the dogs and everyone just magically started getting along. It was pretty amazing, actually. The dogs have come to know and love Xyla for the fickle feline creature that she is… She is loving & tender with them one moment— rubbing up against them, purring, following close behind them when we go on walks around the neighbourhood… And the next moment she’ll be reaching out, quick as a flash, to give them a whack on their heads. Incredibly, they take it all in stride!

It’s really great to see their relationship blossom and to not worry quite so much about the 3 of them.


One thought on “sharing a hammock

  1. Haha! It’s like they’ve been dating for 10 years.

    Jersey: “God…this hammock is so awesome.”
    Xyla: “Yeah…I know, would you just sit down already!”
    J: “Okay…I love you.”
    X: “Get your face out of my face!”
    J: turns and gets comfortable
    X: “Seriously? Your butt now? Ugh…whatever. At least you’re not moving around.”

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