Poor, Sick Jersey

My poor, sweet Jersey is sick.

It all started yesterday morning. He threw up his breakfast (not entirely unusual for him) but then continued to just act strange. Normally in the mornings he’s keen to sit outside for a bit, play with Oslo, bark at people who walk by our gate.. But not yesterday. He just wanted to sit in his crate and look pitiful.

I immediately made him a vet appointment for that afternoon.

She noted that he LOOKED okay  on the outside (gums were a normal colour, no obvious signs of pain) but she agreed that his lethargy was concerning and not normal for a French Bulldog. Upon taking his temperature, she noted that he was running a fever (of 103°). So, she took blood & urine and will be running tests on those. While we wait for results, Jersey is back home with me and has been instructed to stay quiet and well hydrated.

It’s so hard to see him like this. And of course, my mind is racing a mile a minute with worst-case-scenarios.

Please keep Jersey in your thoughts today.



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