Severe UTI

I just got a call from Jersey’s vet. His test results are in… and there’s good news, bad news, & worst news.

Good: His organ function across the board is good.

Bad: He white blood cell counts are very high and he even has white blood cells in his urine.. which means he is fighting off a pretty gnarly UTI.

Worst: The infection is so bad that it’s possible that it’s gone into his prostate. If this is the case, there’s  chance that even a very aggressive round of antibiotics won’t knock the infection. If this is the case, the next step would be having Jersey neutered. However.. that opens a whole new can of words.

Jersey has a heart murmur (which means that he has a hole in his heart). Because of this ‘heart defect’ Jersey has a list of medical restrictions.. One of which is that he is not supposed to be put under anaesthesia. I would LOVE to have him neutered and would have done so long ago… but I have never felt like it was worth (literally) risking his life for. He is a great dog with no typical ‘unneutered male’ behavioural issues… and so, quite frankly, his testicles have never been THAT much of an issue.

Until now.

Neutering will not only be incredibly scary and incredibly risky.. but also INCREDIBLY expensive. His insurance will not cover the neuter, nor will they cover anything having to do with his heart (“pre-existing condition”). If Jersey does get neutered, he will not be able to have a ‘normal’ procedure. In order to acquire the highest chances of success, he will need to be seen by a Cardiologist Specialist prior to and perhaps even during the procedure… You can imagine the cost for it.

All I can do right now is hope that the antibiotics will nip this thing in the bud… Please keep your fingers crossed for this Little Pig.



2 thoughts on “Severe UTI

  1. Oh man! Link has a heart murmur too…we are really worried that this could be a serious future issue…I hate that insurance doesn’t help out at least partially. Keeping Jersey in my thoughts..hope the antibiotics work out all the nasties.

    Sunny Blonde Studio

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