dinner time

I’m happy to report that Jersey found his appetite at dinner.

It MAY have been the freshly boiled salmon filet that I had prepared for him (as well as his usual kibble, soaked with warm water)…. But he gobbled it up!  Thank goodness! He hadn’t eaten anything since yesterday morning (and even that he threw up!) so I was getting fairly concerned. I have left over salmon to tempt him with tomorrow morning at breakfast, and also have a few pieces of boiled chicken to use as well. I’m trying to not feed him TOO much in one go– the vet said small amounts, several times a day– but I want to make sure that his body has the calories it needs to fight off this infection.

I have stocked  up on a few other goodies for Jersey while he’s sick::

‘no-salt added chicken broth’ to add to his normal water to encourage him to drink as much as possible

Plain yogurt for pro-biotics

The occasional boiled egg for calories & protein

pumpkin & yam puree for fibre.

He’s getting so spoiled while he’s sick, that I am not sure if he’ll ever go back to eating his normal, boring kibble!!

What do you feed YOUR doggies when they are sick?



One thought on “dinner time

  1. Our Frenchie, Stitch, suffers from hyper-acidity. He needs to be fed regularly therefore we give him three small meals a day. A meal usually consists of kibble (from Three Dog Bakery) and a tbsp of home-cooked food (lean ground bison w/ beans or broccoli and blueberries; ground chicken w/ carrots and peas; or ground veal w/ sweet potato and cranberry). Sometimes he gets canned sockeye salmon (from Costco) with kibble. At night before going to bed we make sure he gets a tbsp of plain pro-biotic yoghurt. the yoghurt helps his tummy settle. During the day of course he gets small cookies here and there, too… 🙂 The things we do for the little ones!

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