sudden turn

As you read in my last update… Jersey had about 24 hours there where he seemed to improve. His appetite came back and he really seemed to perk up. I breathed a little sigh of relief.

But then yesterday afternoon, he really seemed to slip down hill again. His appetite vanished and his lethargy returned with a venegence. I also started to notice drops of BRIGHT red blood from his penis.. as well as increased difficulty peeing. Feeling like it didn’t seem right that his
condition would take such a sudden turn in the opposite direction, I called the vet this morning.

His vet requested that he please be brought into the clinic ASAP. She is a calm lady, but her urgency definitely worried me. She wanted him back to put him on IV fluids, IV antobiotics, and she’d like to do an XRAY to check for stones and look at his prostate.

I am no vet.. but at this point I am strongly suspecting that he has stones of some sort… Perhaps some sort of blockage in his urethra (causing the bleeding and sputtery urine flow)? A deeper, darker part of me is terrified that it could be something as unspeakable as bladder or prostate cancer…. but I am trying not to get carried away. I am trying to stay positive.

… I am also SO thankful for Pet Insurance! This experience so far has cost $1,200. And they are only in the DIAGNOSTIC & antibotic stage. If (knock on wood) he requires surgery of some variety, or an extended hospital say, that number could easily double or triple in the coming days. My particular plan has a $500 deductible, but after that they pay for 90% of all other costs. I have been a huge advocate of pet insurance since Oslo had his spinal surgery last year and we were not covered… But this experience with Jersey only underlines the absolute necessity of having coverage, or having $10,000 in a bank account at all times. GO GET PET INSURANCE TODAY!

Please keep my sweet boy in your thoughts. This whole thing is just breaking my heart.


4 thoughts on “sudden turn

  1. I’m with Sara, i also refuse to think the worst but stones and/or a blockage sounds possible. I’m sending you and Jersey even more positive healing thoughts and a “good boy” to Oslo for providing comfort and moral support!!!

  2. Hope Jersey feels better soon. Also, thank you for sharing Oslo’s story. I had been toying with the idea of insurance for a while when I heard Oslo had to have surgery. My little man now has insurance and I sleep a lot better.

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