feeling better

Jersey continues to feel WORLDS better this week. Ever since coming home from the vet last week, he’s been eating just fine and is back to being his peppy, normal self. He still has a few weeks left of antibiotics (which OF COURSE we will be completing!!) but it’s nice to see him ‘back to normal’.

It’s amazing how ferocious a Bladder Infection/UTI can be. I have never had one myself, but everyone I talk to who has really sympathizes with my poor little pig. I can’t help but wonder when exactly this thing started brewing.. Jersey must have had it for quite a while, even though he showed absolutely no symptoms until the infection was really raging. I suppose I’ll never really know for sure. I will definitely be chatting with the vet about some holistic preventative measures that I can start taking.. I’ve heard of cranberry supplements and/or a splash of apple cider vinegar into the water? Apparently these things increase the acidity levels of their urine which keeps bacteria levels balanced.

Internet research to be done!

… And now to wait for this insurance claim to go through and be approved. This whole experience was rather expensive!


One thought on “feeling better

  1. After dealing Bella’s allergies a few months ago we learned that Apple Cider Vinegar has SO MANY BENEFITS for our furry friends! We now regularly wipe her down with it to keep her allergies in check and add a splash to her water dish every morning. Apparently it does wonders for our particular breed family! Love it!

    So glad to hear Jersey is feeling better and that there doesn’t seem to be any underlying issues or surgeries! (Yikes!) I’ve never had a UTI either but from what I hear it is seriously no fun at all. Good job JB!!!

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