A few days ago, I received a very moving email from a perfect stranger… Nicole, a young woman from Vancouver, left a comment on this blog here with an all too familiar, yet still heartbreaking story::

A few days prior, Nicole’s world was turned upside down. Her French Bulldog, Rocky had suddenly fell ill. He had been acting withdrawn, lethargic, stiff and tense… Shortly after that he suddenly fell paralyzed in the back legs, and shortly after that he suddenly required emergency surgery to repair a herniated disc and save him from a lifetime of paralysis. Like many pet owners (and like Oslo & I were at the time of his surgery), Nicole was not insured and the vet bills that she is left with are crippling.

Nicole did not write me to ask me for money though. She wrote me to tell me that she’d spent the night reading ALL of Oslo’s blog (all of it!) and she wanted to thank me for sharing our story. It gave her hope, she said. It made her realize that she wasn’t alone… It shined a light on what Rocky’s recovery could/would look like & sometimes just being able to anticipate what comes next, gives you strength to deal with what comes next.

This is EXACTLY the reason why I created this blog. It is so vitally important to share our stories & to share our knowledge. Sharing information like this can literally save lives.

I have since emailed a few times with Nicole to answer questions directly and I am happy to report that Rocky has been recovering well and the prognosis for him is pretty good. He isn’t out of the woods yet though, and has a long way to go. I imagine that Nicole also has a VERY long way to go before she gets a leg up on that vet bill… Well— She may have been too polite to ask me for financial help, but I am certainly not too polite to ask you! 

If you could donate anything to Nicole & Rocky to help with his vet bills, I am absolutely positive that Nicole would be over the moon with gratitude.

And if you cannot spare a few dollars, perhaps you can simply spare a few words of encouragement and hope. Sometimes, even more valuable than money is the knowledge that we are not alone and that there ARE people out there who care and are cheering for us.

You can follow Rocky’s story HERE

You can donate to Rocky HERE

You can email Nicole directly here::



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