telling someone off

I apologize for the somewhat.. negative tone of this coming update. I just need to get something off my chest:

I got a little nasty facebook message today…. It said:


“Still not accepting my friend request? Oh well, I was just one of the many people that donated money for Oslo`s surgery last year, guess I`m not worthy enough. Have a good one.”


First of all… WOW. The passive aggressive tone of this email is absolutely awe inspiring. Well done!

Secondly… I want to mention that when Oslo had his surgery and people so generously donated, I expressed my gratitude ENDLESSLY. I wrote personalized emails to *every single* person who donated. I created this blog because I felt (and still feel!) indebted and a very real obligation to keep all of the donors up to date and ‘in the loop’. I feel like every 3rd entry was dedicated solely to expressing my unending gratitude! It’s a year later and still, 1-2x per week I take photos and videos of my dogs with the sole purpose of posting them here on this blog for you all to enjoy. It’s a small way for me to say ‘thank you’ for the support you all showed us in the desperate weeks following Oslo’s surgery. I will never forget the generosity of perfect strangers.

Believe me when I say, *I AM GRATEFUL* for every single penny.

But make no mistake… Donating money to Oslo’s a year ago, by no means grants you entry into my private life and private circle from now until the end of time. It does not buy you a front row ticket to the private details of my romantic life, daily occurrences, photos of my friends & family, details of when & where I travel, and general personal musings that I share on my facebook page.

If you feel like I have no adequately thanked you for your contributions to Oslo’s recovery, please do not hesitate to leave a comment anywhere on this blog to express your concerns. I will apologize from the bottom of my heart because truly, I am so incredibly thankful… and it is hurtful to me to think that people out there might not feel like I’ve thanked them properly enough… But if you think that you can make a donation and then hang it over my head for the next decade, using it to bully me into gaining access into my private life,  you really have another thing coming.

To the lady who wrote me that ridiculous message.. You can take your passive aggressive guilt trip and shove it.


5 thoughts on “telling someone off

  1. Wow! I fully appreciate the updates and look forward to hearing how Oslo is doing. I donate to as many causes as I can and NEVER expect anything in return. You have every right to keep your private life private. I never understand some of the friend requests I get (and never respond to). Thanks for keeping us posted!

  2. Ugh, I’m sorry someone made you feel bad – that’s shitty! I’ve donated to people before who never even sent a thank you – even an automated one, so by far, you have gone above and beyond in your commitment to your “Oslo fans/supporters.” Your pics of Oslo and Jersey always make me smile and if people are donating money with any other expectation than helping a fellow pet lover in need, then forget them!

  3. I hear where you are coming from entirely. As somebody who has also been cut from access to one of your blogs I think it’s just a little hard for people to accept your… very strong opinions on people giving as much to you ( blog-wise/fb-wise )as you give to them. No judgement but it does come across a bit cut-throat. The guilt trip about money exchange is not cool though. A donation is a donation and I hope that person smartens up going forward. Not trying to rock the boat just food for thought.

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