Oslo, Jersey & I have a little house guest for the next 10 days!

Jersey (being the calmer & more polite of the Pigs) took to Bruno right away. Oslo was a slightly different story- I’d give his relationship with Bruno a 6/10 at this point.

Oslo tends to be excitable and a bit dominate.. and Bruno definitely doesn’t appreciate having Oslo all up in his grill all the time. Fortunately, Oslo doesn’t hold a grudge when Bruno tells him off. We’ve had a couple short squabbles, and each time Oslo seems to learn to give Bruno more and more space. Bruno actually has a really wonderful calm, assertive energy… so I am sure that in a couple days Oslo will learn where Bruno’s boundaries are. It’s a good lesson for Oslo! He is a dear heart, but he is just TOO INTENSE sometimes.

It’s fun to have another dog around though… and (dare I say it?!) Bruno sort of makes me miss having a terrier.


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