follow up

I brought Jersey in for his bladder infection Follow Up Exam yesterday. He’s been on on a heavy round of antibiotics for a month now, so it was time to do a new urinalysis & blood panel to see if we’ve successfully kicked the infection’s ass or not. The results of those tests should be in by today or tomorrow. However, the Vet said that judging by his physical exam– he seems to be doing much better.

The poor little dude had to have his prostate checked… which involved a finger in the bum. And I’ll tell you– Jersey did NOT like that! I felt awful having to hold  him still. However, the vet reported that his prostate is down to a much more normal size and is symmetrically shaped (a good thing!)

Jersey upon receiving the news that he’d need to have a Prostate Exam at this appointment. (HA!)



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