ruptured anal gland

Costing my Momma a fortune at the vet today!

It’s just one thing after another with Jersey these days.

First it was August’s UTI/Bladder/Prostate Infection… and then today I took him in for what LOOKED like a puncture wound right next to his anus. It was oozing, bleeding a weeping pretty nastily. After keeping an eye on it for 24 hours, and when it didn’t seem to get better- decided to bring him in. When it comes to possible infections, I’ve learned that it’s always wise to have the issue attended to proactively.

Turns out it wasn’t a ‘puncture wound’ and instead a ruptured (and very infected) anal gland. The doctor had to take my sweet boy to the back to have a technician help him drain his other (non-ruptured) gland, as well as try to remove as much puss/infection from the ruptured one as possible. As I sat in the exam room, I could hear my sweet boy crying out as they did it. My heart broke for my poor boy.

He was sent home with antibiotics, some pain meds, and instructions to return in a week for a recheck.

Hopefully the medication will do the job and get Jersey on the right track. I’ve heard that continued issues with anal-glands can result in surgery… and with Jersey’s heart issues, I’m always trying my best to avoid drastic measures like that.


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