from Oslo and Jersey

My bestfriend is having her 2nd baby in 2 months. For the last few weeks I have been busy planning a baby shower for her. This is literally my first EVER baby shower so it’s been a bit of a learning experience  to say the least. I categorically refuse to play any typical ‘shower’ games (cringe!) and I have discovered that I can be quite obsessive when it comes to menu planning and decorating. I’m not sure if there is such a thing as a ‘baby shower-zilla’ but I genuinely feel like I am on the cusp of becoming one.

Tomorrow is the big day though, and I am VERY excited. She deserves the best baby shower ever, and I plan on doing everything in my power to make that happen.

Even Oslo & Jersey chipped in their doggie-allowance and bought the baby a gift! Such generous pigs.



3 thoughts on “from Oslo and Jersey

  1. New Baby is going to LOVE her outfit and sleep sack! Huge thank you to YOU for all the planning, and to your boys for not only witnessing it, but also for their very thoughtful gift. They must have saved up a LOT of pennies!!!! 😀 We love you guys SO MUCH.

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