Update on Jersey

Hi everyone! Thanks for all the emails and messages that I have gotten asking how JB is doing! I really appreciate all of your concern.

A quick update: Jersey spent the night at the vet last night with what was diagnosed as a Liver Infection. His blood work came back with high liver enzymes & white blood cells. Liver infections can be a scary thing as they can sometimes be a symptom of MUCH bigger issues… But, the vet assures me that they can also just be basic infections that can be cleared up with antibiotics with no serious long term scariness.  Regardless, I had the vet run every possible test to rule out any other (more serious) underlying issue.. So far, every test that has been run points to just a bacterial liver infection. Hopefully it stays that way!

Anyway. He’s  been on a slow IV drip since being admitted and will remain there until this afternoon at earliest. The vet would like to keep Jersey until he’s more hydrated & has a bowel movement. As much as I miss the poor boy, I’m also very content with him staying at the Clinic under the watchful eye of his fabulous doctor until he is 100% ready to come home.

I am realizing that my guy seems to have a really poor immune system and gets infections pretty easily… This will be his THIRD round of heavy antibiotics in the last 4 months. I do not like this at all & will definitely be doing some search into some natural supplements to help him out in this arena. I’m not willing to say ‘no antibiotics’ while he’s in the thick of a very serious infection… but I would like to get started on a good supplement routine that could help him out in the future. I hear that Milk Thistle (for a short term) can be fabulous for dogs with compromised liver function.. Probiotics are always good… Vitamin C (apparently) and Omega 3 Fatty Oils. Definitely something I will chat with his doctor and the knowledgeable online French Bulldog Community about.



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