Please Eat.

Jersey would like everyone to know that he’s home and resting.

He’s still really not feeling well. He’s slow, has no appetite, and looks so skinny and sad. It absolutely breaks my heart. Hopefully another few days on antibiotics will brighten him up a little bit… The vet says that if his appetite hasn’t come back more by tomorrow, he needs to be brought back in. He is supposed to be eating “a few, small meals daily” to give his liver a bit of a break… But at his current rate, I’d be happy if he ate just ONE small meal.

His vet bill yesterday was $1000.


We have health insurance that reimburses 90% of the bill… minus the exam fee, taxes & our $250 deductible. So… After all in said and done, I expect to get maybe half back from insurance. As you all know, I am a HUGE advocate of insurance… but I have to admit, it’s frustrating that in a situation like this, where I have a $1000 vet bill, that I’m only seeing about 50% coverage. Going without insurance is NOT an option for us, of course…. so this is just something I have to come to terms with. But man– it’s frustrating.


One thought on “Please Eat.

  1. I just went through this with Ollie when he came home after back surgery. The only things he would eat were plain chicken breast and peanut butter. He seemed to be wasting away before my eyes so I plugged him full of as much chicken as he would eat several times a day. I only used the peanut butter to give him his meds or to kickstart his appetite. The peanut butter had the added benefit of making him thirsty.

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