A visit

I went to visit Jersey at the hospital tonight. His doctor suggested that maybe Jersey would eat a little bit if I was the one who fed him, and if he was eating his normal food. So I swung by this evening with a bag of food in tow. Jersey was happy to see me and seemed much more spritely than when I dropped him off there yesterday. He even ate about a hand-full worth of kibble- Woohoo!

As mentioned in my post previous to this one… Jersey’s official diagnosis is ‘Acute Cholangiohepatitis‘.. Which is really just a long & scary way of saying an infection & inflammation of the liver. It could have been caused by bacteria in his small intestine invading his liver, or even possibly by ingesting something toxic like a mushroom. The good news is that his liver enzymes continue to go down (he’s currently at 350 iu, down from 999 iu two days ago!) and he is generally much more stable and lively. We will be keeping a close eye on his liver function over the next few weeks and months.. but so far, things are looking really good.

I think it’s likely that he’ll be able to come home tomorrow as long as his appetite continues to return. Until then, I know that he has getting fabulous TLC at the Clinic. Everyone from the receptionists, to the technicians, to the doctors themselves tell me how loveable and sweet my boy is. Even when he’s sick, he’s as charming and lovely as ever!


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