Home for the night

I went to visit Jersey 2x at the clinic today… Both times hoping that I’d be able to work my magic and get him to eat a little bit. I had no luck. His appetite, again, has vanished.

It’s really puzzling because his blood work continues to improve, all his most recent Xrays come back normally… It’s really just a case of the missing appetite here. So, the doctor suggested maybe bringing him home for the evening to see if being comfortable ‘at home’ might improve his spirits a bit. It’s entirely possible that he just feels crappy from his infection and needs a few days for the antibiotics to really get a leg-up on it, and to get back into the swing of things.

Upon arriving home I offered him some sliced, plain roasted chicken… which he ate a few bites of. He lost interest after 6-7 mouthfuls… but it’s better than nothing!

Hopefully he is willing to eat a little bit tomorrow too. His antibiotics have to be taken with food… and if he won’t eat, he will have to return to the vet for an injection and possibly to discuss getting an ultrasound done to look deeper at what’s going on with him.

Please keep your fingers crossed that a night at home, surrounding by familiar sights and smells (most of which will eminating from Oslo’s butt, I’m sure), does Jersey some good and he’ll be feeling more like himself tomorrow. Otherwise, I fear we’ll be off to the Speciality Vet Clinic for more tests.


3 thoughts on “Home for the night

  1. Sending much needed healing mojo from the States! It’s so heartbreaking to watch them when they are down in the dumps. Keep us posted!

  2. Dear Tamara,
    I have read your blog for quite sometime now and having a little frog of my own, I can’t tell you how close to home this hits for me. Lincoln (my 7 month old Frenchie) and I are keeping Jersey in our thoughts and wishing him a swift recovery. He’s a strong boy, we know he’ll pull through. I bet he is so happy to be home! Please email me as Lincoln and I would love to send Jersey and Oslo some goodies sometime.

    Lots of love ❤
    Sara & Lincoln
    Sunny Blonde Studio

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