Sleep over!

Taking a quick step away from Jersey’s recent health troubles….

My bestfriend is having her 2nd baby any day. And when I say “any day” I mean that she has been in labour for the last 32 hours, and could literally have that baby ANY day now. Her labour is progressing slooooowly, but once things start to pick up, I will be heading over to her house to attend the home-birth of this amazing little girl. I am SUPER excited & honoured. I still can’t quite believe that my best-friend is willing to share such an intensely private and human experience with me. I just hope that I am able to be of some use to her, if only to tell her how incredible she is and how in-absolute-awe I am of her.

Anyway! For the next few days (while the baby is being born, and for the first couple of days afterwards) I am dog-sitting her dog.  Bella is a 150lb Mastiff and is just the SWEETEST, dopiest, most loveable beast. She loves her ‘cousins’ Oslo & Jersey and THEY certainly love her too. It’s fun having her over!


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