Christmas is Coming

It’s officially Christmas around these parts!

The stockings are hung, my (very little, but very real!) tree is up and decorated, and the Oslo is getting very excited! Oslo has seen a couple more Christmases than Jersey, and seems to understand full well what those stockings contain. He spends most of his evenings sitting on the floor, staring up at his stocking with wild anticipation. He’ll do this for hours. It’s hilarious (and a little bit sad because he still has a long time to wait!)

Jersey is doing pretty well since his bout with Cholangiohepatitis. He’s been into the vet for one re-check since coming home. His Liver Enzymes continue to come waaaay down; he’s very very close to the normal healthy range now. (Normal is 60, and Jersey was at 100 last week). He is continuing on his antibiotics, and will go for ANOTHER re-check next week. The hope is that by that appointment, his enzymes will be back to normal. I’ll likely always need to keep an eye on Jersey & his liver, and will probably need to have blood work done at least once every few months from here on out to make sure that he’s healthy & stable.

His appetite has returned, and he is now eating basically anything that I put in front of him. I am trying to stick to foods that are a bit more easily digestible and not too taxing on his liver. Right now he’s eating the highest quality canned food that I can find, with Salmon Oil & Milk Thistle added to it. He’s pretty happy with this arrangement!

I am just hoping that this is the last of the troubles that I have with Jersey for at least a couple months. The poor boy and I (and my bank account!!) need a break.




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