Helping Kitties in Need!

Hi everyone!

A lovely friend of mine is in need of some help.

Aisha has a heart of pure gold and for the last while has been helping to rescue & rehabilitate abused & abandoned cats in and around her small, rural town. She noticed that many, many domestic cats in her area were being abandoned and left to die in homes, boxes and vacant lots… and rather than just sit back and watch these cats starve to death, she takes them in (on her expansive property), cares for them, while trying to find proper homes for them. She and her big-hearted family are Organic Farmers and as you can imagine, it is not a very lucrative business… so financial backing for the Cat-Rescue is slim.

She is so commited to these cats and is truly doing the best she can with what she has… but she needs ALL the help she can get to get these cats the basic immunizations & vet care that they need.

You donations will go entirely to providing basic health care (immunizations are desperately needed) for these cats, as well as food and continued shelter.

Please check out her page HERE.

Oslo, Jersey and their Kitty-Sister Xyla want you to know that any and ALL donations help, even just a couple of dollars. There is no donation too small!


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