Thailand Bound

As some of you know– I will be going away for the entire month of January. My boyfriend and I will be spending 5 weeks exploring Thailand and we are VERY excited. A very lovely friend of ours was willing to stay at our place while we’re away, to dog-cat-house sit…. Which is SO lovely and generous! Knowing that the dogs will be in their normal, familiar environment with someone we know well really makes all the difference.

This morning our friend came by to go over the dog’s ‘care instructions’ and get a run-down on how things typically go around these parts. Fortunately my four-page instructions didn’t scare her off!

I have to admit– I’m nervous about leaving them. I am not at all concerned about the quality of care that they’ll recieve (I trust S* completely!) but I just worry about something happening while away and not being here to control it. *sigh* I’ve done everything I can do, though… Informed the Vet of our travel/sitter plans. Assembled a team of friends who are ready to be ‘on-call’ in case S* should need help. Left cash to pay for any impromptu medical bills (*knock on wood!*) and left a detailed list of care instructions… I’ve crossed all my T’s and dotted all my I’s and done everything I can do! The rest is up to fate.

And now to push some of that worry aside (worrying about what you can’t control really is illogical!) and instead focus on being excited about this amazing, 5-week long vacation!

Very soon, we’ll be hanging out HERE.

One thought on “Thailand Bound

  1. We’ll be back in town by the 15th and I was thinking of dropping by to snuggle your fellas and see if S needs anything. 🙂 Your trip is going to be amazing. I’m so excited for you guys!

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