Whole new beginnings!

Hello all,

I am updating this blog from far, far away land (also known as Thailand)! I have been having an INCREDIBLE trip. We started out in Bangkok, then headed north to Chiang Mai. Then worked our way south, stopping in breifly at Ayuthaya and Bangkok, before hitting the South-West corner of Thailand. We had a few days on the beautiful island of Phi Phi before hopping on a boat for Koh Lanta where we are presently.

I am glad to report that despite my worrying and obsessing, the Dogs (and cat!) are doing very well in the care of my dog-sitter. She sends me occasional updates and I try not to bombard her with irritating emails daily. She is really a true gem! I miss the Pigs like crazy though and often find myself wondering “what they are doing right now” or thinking about how cute and perfect they are and how much I wish I could give them a big snuggle. *sigh*

Aside from missing my sweet Piggies, Thailand has been an amazing adventure! Highlights so far include the day we spent at Elephant Nature Park (an Elephant Rescue & Rehabilitation Centre just outside of Chiang Mai) and a wonderful day-cruise around Koh Phi Phi and it’s surrounding, small islands.

But, of course the biggest highlight is that my boyfriend & travel-buddy PROPOSED just before we left Vancouver!!

I don’t talk much about my personal life here on this blog; I make the decided effort to keep this blog about Oslo & Jersey and not about myself… But, well… this is a pretty big occasion and I thought I’d make the exception.

As those closest to me know, 2012 was a difficult year for me in many ways. My life was going through a pretty massive upheaval and it was a struggle at times to keep things together & stay positive and gracious. With help from friends, family and the unwavering love & support from my incredible fiance, I was able to come out the other side unscathed. I am fortunate to be so loved.

So, with this amazing trip and this INCREDIBLE engagement, I feel like I am able to start 2013 off on an entirely fresh foot. It truly feels like the start of something new & wonderful– a whole new beginning. As always, I am filled with love & gratitude and so excited for what the future holds for Oslo, Jersey & I! Oh, and of course Xyla-Cat too.

2013 is going to rock!


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