Good to be home!

My grand Thailand adventure came to a close a few days ago. It’s been WONDERFUL to be home– back with the dogs, a normal routine, my bed & drinkable tapwater.

Today I was sharing some carrots with the dogs, when I noticed the tell tale odour of stinky dog. Jersey was to blame, of course. He has always been much more disgusting than Oslo. Truly. In every way a dog can be disgusting (shedding, stinking, pooping, drooling, snoring, having huge hanging testicles…) Jersey beats Oslo in every single way. Take it from me- he’s a gross dog.

Anyway! I digress.

Jersey was They were stinky, so it was bath time.

After bath time get were cold, so I tucked them in.

Then they were cold & cute.

And that is all that I came to say, really.


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