Pet Shop Boys

It has to be said.

The Groomer that Oslo & Jersey goto is SWANKY. Very swanky. It’s nicer than most places that *I* go to have my own nails done.

We come by here every 5-6 weeks for a nail trim, and every time I walk in the door I have a little laugh. Today they have ‘Sex & the City’ edition chihuahua dresses for 30% off. I mean, seriously! It’s all just a bit much.

But you know what? I love it. I love it’s ridiculousness and it’s unapologetic-cheesiness. I love that they remember my boys every time we come in. I love that everyone is friendly and all the dogs who are there for ‘doggy daycare’ wander around happily and freely. I love that they are SO FANCY but still only charge $10 for a nail trim. I love that I called today to see if they could squeeze us in, and they said, “We close in 10 minutes but we’ll stay open for you!” … But above all, I love that they love dogs and don’t give a crap whether or not you think they they’ve  lost their minds a little bit. This place rocks.


6 thoughts on “Pet Shop Boys

  1. I drive by that place sometimes and have always been kind of curious about it. It does look absolutely ridiculous from the outside but I feel better now that I know they provide outstanding service, not just poofery.

  2. I knew it! I just knew that you were talking about The Pet Shop Boys. I’m in Victoria and have never been there but I found them online and fell in love with their store. We liked them so much that we sent Drake a Christmas greeting in 2011. Say a big hello from us!

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