Oslo is greedy. He likes to hoard all the balls and then play with them all AT THE SAME TIME. Here he is up to his typical antics. 2 balls. One mouth. What a conundrum!

It’s been an interesting few days over here. Jersey had a little trip to the vet on Wednesday. He was ‘acting funny’ in the way he typically ‘acts funny’ when he is sick— lethargic, decreased appetite, etc. Knowing that these situations tend to escalate quickly with Jersey, I made him a vet appointment right away and brought him in. They ran every possible blood & urine test, and everything came back fine. Totally normal. Weird. Since then I’ve just been keeping an eye on him and trying to keep him quiet. He’s MUCH improved now and seems totally back to his normal, lazy self.

Did I really misread my dog and bring him into the vet for NOTHING?!¬†….. I suppose there’s a first time for everything?


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