New Basket

I have been in the market for a plastic dog bed/basket for a looooong time. However, our local pet stores only carried thick mats, cushions, and (occasionally) wicker baskets.

Wicker just wont do. For one, it can’t really be washed… and when your dog barfs or pees in the bed, you want to be able to wash it. And for 2, wicker creaks and rustles VERY noisily as it gets worn in. My old dog had a wicker-basket that would keep me up at night as he tossed & turned. Never again!

Also, I have discovered an inverse relationship between how much money you spend on your dog’s bed, and the likelihood that your dog will IMMEDIATELY get explosive diarrhea all over it. Suffice it to say– I’m sick of spending $50+ on dog beds only to have to throw them out a week later. Thankyouverymuch.

Enter the Plastic Dog Basket! Durable & Completely Washable. Oh, and only $21. Thank you local pet-store for finally getting these in stock!

Sure, it’s a little plain… But let’s be real– it’s nothing that a little TLC from a bedazzler can’t fix. And bedazzling your dog’s bed is completely sane… Right?


4 thoughts on “New Basket

  1. ” And bedazzling your dog’s bed is completely sane… Right?”
    I think the boys’ expressions in the last picture say it all LOL

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