Xyla tries Catnip

Confession: I have had my cat, Xyla, for a year and a half. In that time I have never once given her cat nip. Not because I am opposed to it, but just because (honestly) I have even once thought about it. I think about treats for the dogs almost constantly… but sweet Xyla just sort of gets overlooked. Bless her.

What can I say– Xyla is, more or less, the equivalent of the forgotten ‘middle child’ around these parts. Literally, sometimes I see her and jump because I forgot that I even HAD a cat. If she didn’t meow and chirp so much, I’d probably forget to even feed her….. Just kidding!

…. Kind of!

Anyway. Today while picking up some dog food, I saw little pre-sewn fabric ‘pillows’ of catnip being sold at the check out. On impulse and an thoughts of “Oh yeah! Why haven’t I ever given Xyla cat nip?!“, I grabbed one for my dear, unloved & neglected pussy cat. I was not sure HOW she would react (some cats, supposedly, go nuts for it.. and some don’t so much as flick a whisker at the stuff) but had my iPhone camera ready just in case…

Let’s just say… She liked it.


2 thoughts on “Xyla tries Catnip

  1. Cats are so independent it’s easy to forget that they like special treats too. 😉 Lucky Xyla! I’m going to get some for Xiu Xiu next time I’m out. I’m sure she would love it. ❤

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