Help Jack

I received yet another comment on my blog today from someone going through the same thing Oslo & I did.


Ruptured Disc. Emegerency Surgery. HUGE Vet Bill. No Insurance.

As you probably know, it’s very, very important to me to ‘give back’. The support from the online community that we received when Oslo was going through this exact same thing was absolutely mind-blowing. Because of that, I feel like it’s my DUTY to share these sorts of stories and to help out where I can.

Please consider helping out sweet Jack with a donation towards his spinal surgery. You donations could literally be the difference between this little guy ever walking again, or… well… a whole bunch of other awful alternatives that I can’t even bare to think about! You can donate towards Jack HERE.


And while you are at it… If you are pet owner (especially a French Bulldog owner!), please please PLEASE get Health Insurance today. I can’t tell you how many stories, identical to Jack’s, that I hear every month. Here is what I have learned– MASSIVE Vet Bills happen. Emergencies Happen. Crazy shit happens! Be prepared for it. Get insurance (or start putting $100 a month away into a savings account) today.


3 thoughts on “Help Jack

  1. My Lily already had back and knee surgery. Yep, no insurance and huge bill. All our paws are crossed for sweet Jack
    Benny & Lily

  2. Tamara, thank you so much for reposting the information about our little Jack. We haven’t heard from the vet today on his progress, but are hoping he is feeling better!

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