Go Fetch, Xyla!

The funniest, most amazing thing happened the other day.

I was sitting on my sofa, when I happened to glance over my shoulder and out the window. I was VERY surprised to see my cat, Xyla, hopping down from our 6ft fence with a regulation-sized TENNIS BALL in her mouth. So, I did what anyone would do:: I grabbed my iPhone and took a photo. I was able to catch her just as she came to my front-door.

She then proudly plopped her prize down on my Welcome Mat. I’ve had her bring home birds & mice before… but never a TENNIS BALL! I was blown away and thoroughly amused. In fact, just thinking about it sets me into fits of laughter.

Then, (as if the situation couldn’t be made any more amazing!) Oslo dashed out the front door, snatched up that tennis ball, and took it inside where he played with it all afternoon long!

I am now convinced that my dogs & cat communicate… and that they must have had an exchange earlier in the day that went something like this,

Xyla Cat:: “Hey Oslo! I was patrolling the neighbourhood yesterday looking for stuff to kill and gardens to shit it, and you won’t believe what I found! A tennis ball, just SITTING in the middle of the neighbours yard… Just sitting there, man! Do you want me to go get for you? I know how much you like tennis balls!”

Oslo:: “Dat would be great, Pussy Cat! You gimme!”





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