being worshipped

My dogs follow me everywhere.

It is endearing, validating, and heart-warming at the best of times… At the worst of times it is irritating, frustrating and harassing.

I love that they love me so much. I love that they seen me as their leader, they goddess, they protector and provider-of-all-things-good. They love with with a love that is close to worship; unconditional and infallible. No matter what my mood, what my hair looks like, what my breath smells like– they love me. I’m fairly certain that no other creature on earth is capable of loving me quite to the depths that my dogs do. So I am thankful, and humbled, and awe-struck.

However, sometimes I have to admit… Their devotion and love and ABSOLUTENEEDTOALWAYSBENEARME is maddening! I can’t tell you how many times I day I trip over a dog, or find myself waiting a moment for a dog to get out of my way. Sometimes I wonder if I were to add all the seconds and minutes up- how long of my life I would spend ‘waiting’ for a dog to step out of my way, or follow me out of a room so I can close the door. I couldn’t even being to tell you how many curse words leave my lips because the dogs have, in some way or another, inconvenienced me with their unending need to worship & be near me.

Cynics would say that they don’t TRULY love me. That they aren’t even capable of love. That they are simply using me. They know that I give them treats and physical affection… so they are hanging near until they get their next hand out. It has nothing to do with true dedication or “love”. Maybe the cynics are right– who knows. I have never been much of a cynic myself.

I prefer to believe that they love me like I love them. As irritating, and harassing, and inconvenient as it can occasionally (often!) be.


3 thoughts on “being worshipped

  1. Ha! I have often felt the same about my cats….every curse word I have uttered as they barge in the occupied bathroom….no privacy! The 4am feeding, cause they are apparently STARVING. Then I think of all the times i’ve accidentally woken them up cause they are soooo fricken cute sleeping that I have to snap a pic or worse the annoying smooch from me. I think we can call it even.

  2. You should be grateful you don’t have pugs! I truly believe my Frenchie loves me and is devoted to me but the pugs just want something…ALL THE TIME =)

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