a thief!

We have a thief in our midst.

He (she?) is bold, brazen, acts in broad daylight, and has no remorse whatsoever. This nefarious & slightly gender-ambiguous bandit swoops in at all hours of the day, nabs whatever he/she desires from our yard, and then quickly takes off with their spoils. It seems to have a particular affinity for dog toys (stuffed one, ideally), but has been known to attempt to make off with rubber squeaky toys as well. I am not sure what he/she does with everything it takes, but I can say for certain that I doubt he is donating the toys to other, more ‘needy’ neighbourhood dogs.

I managed to capture the culprit red black handed. BEHOLD!

Oslo and Jersey want their toys back, Crow!! You’d better watch your back the next time to come into our yard; Xyla is lurking!



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