A new place to call home

Well, it’s been quite an exciting month so far. On June 29th, Oslo, Jersey, Xyla, Myself & my Fiancé packed up and relocated across the province. Our move from Vancouver to Rossland had been in the making for quite a while, so while it was sad to leave Vancouver, it was also nice to finally make this happen.

Rossland is a small town with a population of about 4,000. It’s small, but what it lacks in size, it makes up for with charm & friendly people. Plus! Due to it’s location at the base of a fabulous Ski-Mountain, it has a booming winter tourism industry, which means that the town is home to plenty of great shops, restaurants and cafes. It’s VERY dog friendly, and we have already scoped out the local pet supply store & got on a first name basis with the owner (Hi Amanda!). The biggest reason for the move was because my Fiance’s job relocated us out this way… but both he & I (and the Pigs, I’m sure!) have been craving a slower pace of life for awhile… Somewhere where we aren’t working out butts off, just to be able to afford to keep living in the city to continue to work our butts off. Rossland fits the bill very nicely and we are excited to begin this new, slower-paced chapter!

The drive from Vancouver took about 9 hours… and unfortunately for us, also took place on one of the hottest days of the year up until that point. Anyone who knows French Bulldogs knows that they do not tolerate heat well… so the A/C was cranked every minute of that 9 hour journey, and I was constantly offering water and generally fretting over their comfort. I was a bit of a stress case, but all of our furriest-creatures were fine and arrived in Rossland no worse for wear.

This last week it’s been a mix of getting to know our new surroundings and last minute WEDDING PLANNING… Because, I am excited to report, next weekend my ‘Fiancé’ will become my ‘Husband’.

Our wedding is taking place at a venue about 5 hours from here… Initially I was very very very keen to have Oslo and Jersey act as ‘ring bearers’ (I even bought them little bow ties!)… However, a look at the weather forecast and being realistic about the dog’s heat-tolerance has forced me to reconsider. It will simply be too hot, and too exciting of a trip for them to take. Their safety and comfort is always my #1 concern… so it’s with that in mind that we’ve decided to leave the dogs with a great local-pet sitter for those few days… where they will be cool, comfortable and safe. They’ll miss out on the wedding, but at least they won’t get heat-stroke or go into cardiac arrest. It’s a good trade off, I think!

For now, I will leave you with a video of Oslo enjoying his new splash-pool.


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