Happy Birthday, Oslo!

5 years. 5 fabulous years with Oslo. 5 years with his snorts & his snuffles and his wiggle-butt, and his squishy face.

I remember being on a waiting list for this little guy. I remember getting an email from his breeder to tell us that the puppies had arrived. I remember the first photos and the anticipation of meeting him for the first time. I remember bringing him home. I remember that first night and that long first week feeling like I’d made a huge mistake because this puppy was WA Y MORE WORK than I could have ever anticipated… But most of all, I remember falling deeply, desperately in love with him.

And “in love with him” I have remained for the rest of his 5 fabulous years.

Oslo is a thunderbolt of love and craziness. He’s intense, reckless, silly, loving, excitable and very funny. He loves to snuggle quietly next me, chew nylabones, chase tennis balls, bury under clean blankets, lay outside on warm day, and generally just be in my presence. He is not as outwardly affectionate as his ‘brother’ Jersey… but, in his own way, he is a more committed & dedicated dog who loves ME above all (and everyone) else.

Happy Birthday to my very sweet, happy, fabulous boy!


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