Attention Pig

Jersey loves to come pay me visits while I am sitting down at my computer.

He often doesn’t even bother to put his Nylabone down first.


5 thoughts on “Attention Pig

  1. Dear Tamara,
    I just wanted to write and say thank you for sharing your two beautiful babies with the world. I recently lost my Frenchie, Francesca, to a brain tumor, and I just wanted to express that I came across your blog and have loved reading about your Oslo & Jersey. In looks, Oslo & my Francie could have been fraternal twins! Seeing Oslo’s love of antlers, nylabones and squeaky tennis balls (also Francie’s favorites!) has given me a wonderful opportunity to smile and remember all the funny moments in the midst of a horrible sense of loss and emptiness. Just know that your blog has helped. Many thanks,

  2. Just wanted to let you know how much your blog has helped my spirit these past couple of weeks! You were so sweet to respond and email so quickly when I commented about my baby Oscar going through the same surgery and situation. Those nights he was in the hospital I literally read your entire blog in anticipation of what to expect when my boy finally came home. I’m happy to report that 4 weeks post op and many tears later, he is walking again! Wobbly, but walking! Thanks for showing the light at the end of what felt like a very dark tunnel.

    1. Hi Hannah! Thank you so much for the note. I am SO glad that this blog has been helpful. One of the main reasons that I created it was to help others out there and share information… so it’s marvelous to know that I have accomplished my goal. Thank you!

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