Life in our new town

I just realized that it’s been about a month since I last posted! Wow- time flies.

On July 13th my Fiancé and I said ‘I Do’. Our big day was held on a working farm & orchard, and we were surrounded by ripe cherries, apricots, apples, and of course, our friends and family. It was a spectacular day!

Since the wedding, life has revolved around getting settled into our new town and putting down some roots. Oslo and Jersey love the summer heat, and would happily fry themselves in the yard all day long if left to their own devices. Of course, they are never ‘left to their own devices’ 😉

We are now living around 8 hours east of our  Vancouver. The pace of life here is much slower, easier, and more ‘down to earth’. All of our new neighbours are avid mountain bikers & hikers in the summer, and skiiers, snowboarders & show-shoers in the winter months. Suffice it to say, I am NONE of those things and will need to seriously consider a winter sport of my own to take up! At the moment, the only ‘winter sports’ that I participate in are baking, egg nog drinking, complaining about the cold, and christmas shopping. It will be very interesting to see how The Pigs and I fare during our first winter here!

The upside to this different climate, is that Jersey’s weepy eyes seem to be doing a whole lot better. In Vancouver his eyes would weep CONSTANTLY. I’d have to wipe out his face several times a day, keeping an eye that his folds weren’t getting irritated or infected. Here, however, his face is almost always dry. I still wipe his daily as a precautionary measure, but he just looks so much better. I suppose much of the weepiness must have been due to environmental allergies in Vancouver.


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