A new home.

In September my new husband and I took possession of our new home. Built in the 1930’s, it’s not without is quirks, charms, and mile-long renovation list… but we love it just the same. It has a lovely little front yard, a fabulous front porch, 2 bedrooms-up, 1 bedroom-down, and most importantly– it’s OURS.

Since we first got the keys, we’ve been busy gutting & renovating the vast majority of the main floor. Let’s just say that the place was a relic of the 1970’s, and was full of plaster, wood-panelling and more layers of horrible linoleum flooring than one little house could handle. It was not an easy task, but we removed all those ugly-horribles and replaced it with a new kitchen/living area that even Martha Stewart would approve of. We’re happy with it, to say the least.

And the dogs are happy too!! The’ve been spending their days gazing out the screen door, Soaking up the unseasonably warm sunshine on their lawn, and generally finding comfort in knowing that we aren’t moving again anytime soon. Life is good.


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