not on the bed

Oslo and Jersey are not generally allowed to sleep on my bed. For one, since his spinal surgery, Oslo is not physically capable of jumping up that high. For 2, even if he WERE capable, (like Jersey is) jumping on/off furniture  is really not something even a healthy French Bulldog should be doing. It’s bad for their spines. So furniture is for humans, and the dogs have a variety of very cosy dog-beds on the floor.

However, despite discouraging it… Jersey still helps himself to a  slice of my bed on the occasional morning. It’s always when I am out of the room, and it’s always early in the morning while the bed is still unmade. He seems to like the ruffled blankets and the early morning sun.

I can never seem to get down on him too hard about it. I should probably be more firm, but when I see him so content, it’s all I can do to even gently lift him off the bed & out of my bedroom. If I am being perfectly honest, usually I just smile & shake my head, give him a kiss, and then leave him to it.

I’m a terrible ‘pack leader’.


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