Jersey’s Birthday!

I can’t believe that ‘my youngest’ is 3 years old already. I was able to meet Jersey when he was 7 weeks old, he was too young to come home at that point, but I was blown away even then by how calm, cuddly and sweet he was. This was a puppy who had no interest in bouncing around and being silly… He only wanted to cuddle up on the nearest lap and fall asleep. A personality trait that he still has.


Jersey is not as silly, gregarious, or as energetic as most other frenchies. Most French Bulldogs seem to have a real desire to make you laugh and be the life of the party… but not Jersey. He exceptionally calm, sweet, easy going and sensitive. If you scold Jersey, he seems to really take it hard. Head hung low, he’ll immediately roll over onto his back, where he will lay unmoving until your heart breaks wide open and you’re forced to apologize. His simple desire to love, and just BE loved is palpable.

He’s completely non reactive and fabulous with children. Completely calm and non reactive with other dogs…. and when I adopted my cat, I knew that JERSEY would be the 1st one to introduce her to, because I knew he would be (you guessed it!) completely calm and non reactive. He rarely barks, he never whines or carries on, he doesn’t chew inappropriate things (… except for cardboard boxes. He seems to really like shredding cardboard!)

I wish I could take credit for the even-keel boy of mine. I wish I could say that his fabulous personality is a result of countless dedicated hours of training… But the truth is, Jersey was born this way. I can’t take any credit for him, but I can take pride. . . And I do take a whole lotta pride.

As many/most/some of you know, Jersey came to me as a ‘Special Needs’ puppy due to a pretty seveare heart murmur. It has not worsened over time (actually, it’s improved a bit since he first came to me!) At the moment, it doesn’t really affect his quality of life.  I had a Jack Russell Terrier prior to getting Jersey who had the same heart issue, and he lived to be 13 wonderful years old.  My hope for Jersey is that by taking just a few precautions, and keeping an eye on his condition, he’ll be able to bring me just as many years of happiness and joy as Ben did.

Happy Birthday, Sweet Jersey.

On a side note… Today Jersey is the age Oslo was when his disc(s) herniated and he went in for emergency spinal surgery. Most Frenchies experience spinal troubles between the ages of 3-5 years. With Jersey entering his 3rd year, he is officially in the ‘red zone’. So, I am taking his 3rd birthday as an opportunity to remind you all about the importance of getting heath insurance for your pups.


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