Help Bella

Arabella (or ‘Bella’) is a former puppy-mill dog. Recently she was lovingly rescued by French Bulldog Rescue, and adopted by a lovely woman named Jessica.

A few days ago, Bella was at the beach with her new Mom when she was attacked by another dog. The attack left her with a severely damaged spine, and now poor Bella is requiring emergency spinal surgery.  The vet costs are mounting quickly– too quickly for Jessica to afford on her own.

I know it’s the holiday season and we are all tight for cash… but if you could dig deep into your pockets and consider donating even just a few dollars to help Bella & Jessica, I am positive that it would be extremely appreciated. Bella has already been through so much in her years as a Puppy Mill dog, and she so deserves to live the rest of her life as a happy, able-bodied, well-loved piglet.

Help Arabella



2 thoughts on “Help Bella

  1. Prayers for little Bella….it really makes me wonder about the other dog and why their owners are so irresponsible when they know their pets are potentially hostile.

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