Christmas Bark Box 2013

Yesterday Oslo & Jersey received their very first ‘BarkBox’. I signed them up for this monthly, surprise box last month, and it was very fitting that their first box arrived on Christmas Eve. It took every ounce of will power that I possessed to save the box until this morning to open!


Superior Farms ‘Pet Provisions’. Freeze dried lamb. 100% lamb.

‘Hare of the Dog’ treats. Rabbit, Red Apple & Dandelion.

‘Wet Nose’. Organic dog bone-cookie.

‘Bark Worthies’ Bullystick. (not pictured below)

‘West Paw’ Bumi. Blue rubber toy.

I’ll admit, some of the treats aren’t perfect for Oslo and Jersey. The big bone is WAY too much treat for my boys and will need to be broken up into, like… 25 different pieces before offering it to them. They’d get big-time tummy troubles if I let them have the whole thing! Also, the Superior Farms freeze-dried lamb treats are too big for Oslo & Jersey’s mouths. They have a really hard time breaking the treats apart and chewing them. I’ll need to chop all those treats up into much smaller pieces before I can offer them. I have my guys signed up for a ‘medium dog’ box… but over all, I’d say that 50% of the contents would be best suited for dogs bigger than my boys. Perhaps I should think about adjusting my subscription to be for a ‘small’ dog.

Anyway, overall we are quite happy. Receiving this box was a TON of fun & it was really neat to open it up and see what we got. The ingredients are all really high quality and impressive! We live in a town where it can be hard to find dog-treats of this calibre, so I really appreciate having a box of them arrive on my doorstep.  Sure, not everything was perfect for my guys (due to their size, not at all due to the quality of the product) but we still can’t wait for next month’s box!

Not pictured is the Bark Worthies ‘bullystick’ that Oslo devoured before I thought to take this photo.



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