Thanks Cousins!

A week or so ago, I received a Christmas card in the mail for Oslo & Jersey from their human-‘cousins’. (My sister in law is polite enough to humour me and my moderately insane obsession with my dogs, and send my dogs mail addressed specifically TO them, “from” her 2.5 and 1 year old child. Clearly, she and I both have screws that are a little bit loose… but hey, maybe that’s why I love her so much?)

Annnnnyway. Oslo and Jersey received their 2nd favourite gift– cold hard cash.

(Their first favourite gift is something that is brown & smelly, is found in the cat litter-box, and only Xyla can give them. Ugh)

Today I finally made it out to our local pet-supply store and used my human expertise to wisely spend the boy’s Christmas money. They got something squeaky to play with, and something tasty to eat. Then, I came home and tortured them by making them pose for photos with their presents before they were allowed to dive in.


Big THANK YOU to their cousins, Nova & Lux, and to their Auntie Stacey & Uncle Cale as well! We will be thinking of you every time these new treats make the boys fart (which will be often, I’m sure). XOXOX


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