January 2014 BarkBox Get $5 Off!!

Our January BarkBox arrived the other day and it was very exciting!

This is only our 2nd every BarkBox, but we were very excited for it to arrive. I’d been watching the mailbox like a hawk from the 15h of the month (which is when the boxes get shipped). Last month, our box arrived on the 24th… and this month it arrived on the 22nd. We are in Canada though, so a longer-than-normal delivery time is to be expected.

You may recall that last month (our 1st box) I had my subscription set for a ‘Medium’ sized dog.. however, upon getting our box I felt like most of the treats/toys were just too big for my fellas. Fortunately, BarkBox allows you to change your subscription ‘size’ any time, so I was able to learn from that 1st box, then change to a ‘Small’ size for the 2nd box.

The box for ‘Small’ dogs was MUCH more our speed. All of the treats were palatable for my guys, and the toys were a great size. We’ll definitely be sticking with this ‘size’.

Barksters Sweet Potato & Beef Krisps. $5

These treats smell very good and the dogs love them! Though, they do have an unusual looking texture/consistency. Wheat & Gluten Free.

Think Dog! Alligator Jerky. $7

I was pleased that these treats weren’t actually JERKY (which Oslo and JB have a difficult time chewing) but more of a soft-chew. The ingredient list was impressive– Alligator was the stand out 1st ingredient… and all the other ingredients are 100% natural. Oh, and as always– Wheat & Corn free.  A really neat treat to see in our box this month.

Bark Worthies Bully Stick. $5

As far as Bully Sticks go, Bark Worthies are awesome. They don’t stink that some, and the dogs really go NUTS for them. Unfortunately, Oslo and Jersey are not allowed Bully Sticks as they chew them until they are soggy, and then attempt to swallow them whole. All in about 10 minutes flat. So this month’s bully stick was gifted to a friend’s dog.

Harry Barker Knotted Rope Toy $6

Machine washable and made with eco-friendly dyes– this little rope tug toy is very cute! It’s the perfect size for my guys’ mouths, and the little handle is a nice touch.

Wigzi– $8

Honestly, when I saw this little rubbery bone toy, I was slightly disapointed and thought that there would be no way that my guys would be interested in this thing. It’s a very simple concept… Rubber toy with holes in the ends that you stuff treats into, and then your dog busies themselves trying to get the treat out.  I tucked one of our Alligator Treats into the ends of this bone, and wouldn’t you know it? Oslo has been obsessing over it for the last few hours. I mean, really OBSESSING. Nice one, BarkBox!

Oslo and the ‘Wigzi’… “My Preeeeecious!”

If my calculations are correct… this month’s BarkBox is valued in the $30-$35 range… and thats online prices, likely if you found these products in boutique stores, it would be almost double that. We paid $20. Worth it!

Wanna sign up for your own awesome BarkBox?

Click here for $5 off your subscription!



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