February 2014 BarkBox Review

February’s BarkBox arrived while my husband and I were out of town…. so it had to wait a week until we were home to be opened. As always, the dogs and I were stoked to bust open this baby! Our last 2 boxes have been really fun.. but I have to admit, this month’s box left us a bit disappointed. The contents:

PetSafe ‘Classic Sheepskin’ Buddy$7.99. A cute, wooly stuffed…. man? Has a squeeker inside. All in all though, a fairly simple, uninspired, & basic stuffed toy.

Superior Farms. Real lamb Treats$9.99. Just 10 simple ingredients, lamb is #1 ingredient, grain free, made in the USA… But despite this box being sized for a ‘small’ dog, these treats are still too big for my guys. Breaking them apart is always possible, but a bit of a hassle when I don’t necessarily want to get my hands all crumbly. I cannot give Oslo & Jersey treats that are “too big” for them because they tend to choke VERY easily.

Doggie ‘Stoggie’$8. A cute toy in theory… but ours fell apart after 10 minutes of play! Pair that with the fact that this is a rope toy, and rope toys are potentially quite dangerous for dogs. A rope toy that pulls apart this easily is NOT something that I would recommend to any pet owner. Very hazardous! #barkboxfail. Sorry guys.

Barkworthies Bullystick…. again– $3. It seems that one of these come in each BarkBox. make no mistake, these are VERY popular for dogs… However, my guys can’t have them. Mine chew them until they are soggy (takes about 15 minutes) and then they swallow/attempt to swallow them whole. Resulting in much gagging, throwing up, and panic. Needless to say, my friend’s shih-tzu will be happy to inherit yet another barkworthies bullstick from us.

‘Cheese Please’ Treats– $5.99 This is our favourite item from this month’s box. One ingredient on the ingredient list… CHEESE! I’m not too proud to admit that I  tried one of these myself and was pleasantly surprised that they taste exactly like… well… baked cheddar cheese! Oslo and Jersey love them.

The ‘Stoggie’ took all of 10 minutes to end up like this. Straight to the trash now.
Ingredient: Cheese.
Sheepskin Buddy

This month’s box was a $35 USD value. We pay $20 CDN monthly for our subscription…. However, considering that we only really loved ONE item this month, we’re going to say that this month’s box was, over all, a bit of a bust. You win some, and you lose some right? We can’t expect to love every single item every single month, I suppose. Crossing our paws that next month’s is better!



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