porch gate

When my husband and I bought our house last September, one of it’s biggest selling features was it’s charming front porch. I was so excited to be able to sit out there in the mornings with the dogs and sip my coffee, or read a book there in the afternoons, or just let the dogs lay out there on a warm day to soak up the sun.

What I didn’t consider was how much of a hassle our 4 measly front steps would become. The dogs would lay on the porch happily… until someone walked down the sidewalk in front of our house! Then they’d both JUMP up and I’d have to be lighting quick to stop Oslo before he mindlessly rushed down the stairs. Sure, there’s only 4 steps.. but even 4 stairs can spell disaster for a dog with IVDD. Hell, they could spell disaster for Jersey too- because we don’t know when/if he’ll ever have spinal issues. The fact of the matter is that NO bulldog (french or other) should ever, ever, ever be running or jumping down any amount of stairs. EVER.

(We have considered putting in a ramp, but the dogs don’t tend to use ramps exclusively. Unless we covered over our ENTIRE steps with ramps– they’d likely use the ramp 50% of the time, and the rest of the time, still use the available stairs…. and that would pretty much defeat the whole purpose).

So, our front porch sat sadly under utilized into the gorgeous ‘Indian Summer’ that we had last fall. Then winter came and we sort of forgot about the porch and it’s potential.

And theeeen, this past week gave us our first handful of beautiful Spring days.  I so desperately wanted to throw open the front door and let that gorgeous fresh air into our house… but alas, the damn stairs!  Fortunately for me, I have a very handy husband, and all we needed to make that gate a reality was a few spare hours, and a quick trip to the hardware store.

Et Voila!

We can’t wait for the next warm day when we can put this baby to real use!


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