waiting for the vet to open

Thanks everyone for your sweet words of concern about Jersey.

We weren’t able to get in to see a Vet today. His normal clinic is closed until tomorrow (Monday) and I just don’t think that bringing him to a strange, stressful emergency clinic would be best for him when he’s so delicate. So instead, I am keeping him as comfortable as possible at home.

Today, he seems perkier than yesterday. I brought him outside in the crate, so that he could sit in the sun for a bit. He seemed to enjoy that. Though most of the scary symptoms remain.

I took him outside for a potty break this morning… and noticed that as he tried to scratch his neck with one of his rear legs, he wasn’t quite able to bring his foot up. This stinks of neurological/spinal issues.. but my husband is quick to remind me that it could also be a symptom of all sorts of things:: a torn ligament or some sort sort of hip/joint or even intestinal pain. Who knows! It’s no secret– I’m on more than high-alert as I watch him for symptoms.

I am SO stressed out and anxious. My appetite has gone completely out the window, my whole body feels tense, and my heart feels so heavy. All I can think about is my poor boy, and how I can help him. Needless to say, I am super anxious to get him into our normal vet to see what any labs might say about what’s going on. It’s times like these that I wish they could talk to tell us exactly what hurts & where.


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