March 2014 BarkBox

Our March (and 4th) BarkBox arrived last week!! I was too busy dealing with all of Jersey’s stuff to post about it right away.. but here is our review now::

We really enjoyed this month’s box! The theme was “breakfast” which we thought was very cute. As always, it was a ton of fun cracking this open and exploring what was inside::

Charming Pet Squeaky Bull $8.49 — How did BarkBox know that Oslo’s favourite thing in the whole world is an obnoxious squeaky toy?! This was a resounding hit. The second Oslo laid eyes on it, he could not relax until it was in his mouth and being squeaked about 1,000,000x a minute.

Jolly Pets Teaser Ball $22.99 — Wow! High value toy alert!! When I took this out of the box, I was skeptical that my boys would show much interest. Somehow the hard-plastic construction didn’t really appeal to me.. But I was very pleasantly surprised to find that Jersey took to it immediately, knocking it around inside his pen so much, and with such abandon that we had to take it away (for fear of Jersey hurting his back). Essentially its an inner plastic ball, set inside an outer plastic encasement. The result is a ball/toy that rolls & wobbles erratically as your dog lunges at it. Very fun- great toy!

Healthy Dogma ‘Mini Barkers’ $6.95 — These cinnamon apple flavoured treats smell DELICIOUS & come in a very charming ‘yogurt & granola’ styled cup. They are small, and the perfect size for dogs, like mine, who get…. many treats a day. They’re NOT grain-free (rice flour is a top ingredient) which I don’t exactly love… but they almost make up for that by having only 10 totally pronounceable ingredients.

Happy Howie’s Lamb Sausages $6.49 — I haven’t opened these up yet… but the concept is good. Made in the USA, with Lamb as the #1 ingredient (unfortunately salt & sugar are the 4th & 5th ingredients). Initially I thought I’d need to give these away because my boys cannot be given ‘sticks’ of things, due to their tendency to swallow things whole!! However, the package advises cutting the sausages up into little pieces and treating that way. Great suggestion, and exactly what we will do!

Twistix Dental Chews  $4.99 — Banana Yogurt Flavour. The concept here is doggy-dental chew– removes plaque and freshens breath. I SO WISH my dog’s could have stuff like this!! However (as I seem to mention in almost every single BarkBox review) they are unable to have ‘chews’ as they do not ‘chew’. Instead, they prefer to “break off a chunk small enough to *almost* swallow, and then choke on it.”  So, unfortunately for them, this treat was given to our neighbour– her chi-yorkie owes you a full review.

In summary– a really great box. There was only one item that they were unable to have & the rest were really lovely. Total retail value of this month’s box is just shy of $50!! A great value for the $25 that we pay for it.

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