resting well

Jersey has been resting comfortably since his vet visit earlier this week. He’s certainly bored of being in the pen, but I do my best to explain to him that it’s for his own good. Often I put Oslo in there with him– the two really seem to relax best when they are in there together.

A lot of people have asked me how well Jersey tolerates being cooped up… Well, I am happy to report that he doesn’t seem to mind all that much. He gets wiggly when we come in the house and he isn’t able to run to the front door… and he does seem to want to follow me around the house (but obviously can’t).. However, aside from some pathetic glances– he’s doing great. I’m thankful that I have dogs who are so comfortable being confined (Crate Training for the win!!) and also for having dogs who are so lazy! Spending all day sleeping is really not that far off Jersey’s typical regime— so mostly he feels right at home in his pen.

Another week and a half of strict crate-rest.


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