Surgery date


Jersey is doing great. His crate rest period is nearing an end which is fantastic because he’s really starting to get restless. After these 2 weeks of ‘strict rest’ are up (this weekend) he will start 2 weeks of ‘moderate’ rest. Meaning, he’ll be allowed more freedom, but still encouraged to take it very easy. The biggest news around here is that his Vet wants to go ahead and do his neuter surgery ASAP. Jersey also has a cracked molar that needs to be pulled, so he’ll have that done at the same time.

As you may know, Jersey has not yet been neutered because of his heart-murmur… However, his recent complete Cardio-Exam showed us that despite the murmur, his heart is actually in very good working order. His cardiologist considers him a great candidate for surgery, as long as the surgeon takes the normal precautions that one would take while operation on a brachycephalic dog.

Anyway, since his period of strict rest is coming to an end, and he is about to enter that period of ‘moderate rest’, his vet thought that this might be a good time to go ahead and do the neuter & tooth extraction. With her vote of confidence, I went ahead and scheduled the procedure for Monday morning– the 7th.

I’ll admit– I’m extremely anxious. No matter what the cardiologist & veterinarian say– I am just so worried about my guy. I’m terrified that he’ll have a terrible reaction to the anaesthesia and we’ll lose him forever! His vet assures me that she’s VERY familiar with the special needs of Frenchies, and she will do everything in her power to be prepared and ready for any ‘complication’ that may arise. I have no doubts in her capability & I am trying to be calm and rational about this… but I just can’t help but freak out!

Jersey NEEDS to be neutered. Not being neutered leaves him susceptible to prostate infections&  testicular cancer. His cracked molar NEEDS to be pulled because it’s likely to become infected and terribly painful. These things need to be done, and thanks to his Cardiology report, we now know that they CAN be done. But still. I am terrified.

Please send all sorts of positive vibes our way on Monday morning to Jersey & I.



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