just photos.



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  1. I have just read through your whole blog. I have a 3 yr old black brindle Frenchie named Bob who looks just like Oslo. He became suddenly paralyzed over Easter just this weekend and had emergency MRI and surgery for a herniated/ruptured disc. He is in recovery as we speak and we may be taking him home tomorrow.

    My husband and I are so scared and nervous. Our house is made entirely of stairs and completely vertical. I don’t know how we will or even can work around this. Bob also has a younger pit bull mix sister. She’s a little bit larger than him, but she’s a very small-medium sized dog. I was told they would not be allowed to rough house after recovery. I am devastated beyond belief, it feels like the sweet life we had is gone and I feel HORRIBLE for this poor little dog that has to undergo invasive spinal surgery like this. We luckily have insurance but they will likely only reimburse about $2000-$3000 of the full cost (of $8,000) if we’re lucky. Still better than nothing. I just don’t even know where to begin anymore…Your blog has helped immensely. Your dogs seem so sweet and calm, how do you keep them so relaxed during these recovery/crate rest periods? How do you keep them from jumping on the couch? It’s sad, I don’t know why but at this moment I feel as though maybe it’s better if Bob doesn’t fully recover because then he won’t be at risk for another disc rupture? Do you know what I mean? I feel awful saying that. I do want him to walk again, but I feel like since he is such a fragile little glass egg that I will be a nervous wreck forever. I don’t know how to reconcile all these feelings.

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