2.5 weeks in

Hi everyone.

Not a whole lot to report over here. Jersey is doing well on his crate rest. The lameness in his rear legs seems moderately improved, which is nice. He’s only 2.5 weeks into his 6-8 week rest period though, so we still have a very long way to go.

He spends his days in his wire crate, in the living area with us. If it’s a nice day, and we’re at home, I often move the crate out onto our front porch. He and Oslo enjoy sitting out there together– sniffing the air, watching people walk by, and feeling the sunshine on their backs. At night he sleeps in a ‘play-pen’ in our office. I try to switch up his environments just a bit so that things don’t get *too* boring… though, the boredom is unavoidable I suppose.

He’s resting well and seems content enough. I do feel like a pretty awful dog-momma for keeping him all cooped up though. There’s no way to explain to a dog why he has to spend so much time in a cage. I really struggle with guilt. I can’t believe it’s only been 2.5 weeks.


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