2-4 more weeks

We are now on week 4 of Jersey’s crate rest. Another 2-4 left to go.

Despite being bored, he seems to be doing well. The weakness that was showing in his rear legs is improving. He still has room for improvement, but his coordination and stability do seem a bit better over all.

The biggest problem these days is that he’s clearly feeling fine and just wants to go go go! He tries to dash away, roll around, and generally act like a total nincompoop when we take him out for potty breaks. He clearly doesn’t understand why we are always holding him back. I feel badly about it… but the fact of the matter is that it’s likely just his drugs that are making him feel so good. He’s not truly there…. yet.

I gave him a bath yesterday though– which was excellent.  He was SO over due!! I’d been wanting to bathe him for the last few weeks, but didn’t want to risk anything with him just being put on crate rest… So, I held off. For FOUR WEEKS! With the improvements that he’s shown recently, I thought that a careful bath would be okay. He is back to smelling (and feeling— he’s so silky!) like the piggy that we all know & love.



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